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eForce Recycling
Secure, Sustainable and
Certified E-waste Recycling


Secure, Sustainable and Certified E-waste Recycling

We provide the future of energy

Step into a secure and sustainable future with eForce Recycling, where cutting-edge IT asset disposition meets uncompromising data security. Your data is our priority. eForce Recycling excels in secure IT asset disposition, offering a harmonious blend of cybersecurity and environmental stewardship.

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Our corporate facility and main processing plant are located in Philadelphia, with support and processing centers located can help you recycle from anywhere in the United States.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

The challenges in IT asset disposition (ITAD) are significant, yet with meticulous processing, there’s substantial value to be reclaimed from obsolete technology.

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Electronics and Computer Recycling

Navigating the intricacies of electronic disassembly and disposal requires expert handling. Incorrect practices can lead to significant risks, including breaches of environmental laws and data security threats.

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Fluorescent Bulb & Ballast Recycling

Fluorescent bulbs are the most commonly types of bulbs generated by facilities. Typical lengths are 4 and 8 foot, with u-tube bulbs also in the mix. Lamp waste causes more mercury contamination of the environment than any other consumer product and must be handled with respect to the damaging effects improper disposal causes.

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Battery Recycling

Battery recycling involves several steps depending on the type of battery. Lead-acid batteries are broken down into pieces and separated into plastic, lead, and heavy metals. The plastic is melted and turned into pellets for battery cases, while lead is cleaned and used for battery production.

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Burlap Distribution

Burlap stands as one of nature’s most resilient natural fibers, serving diverse purposes in industrial and agricultural contexts for many years.

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Furniture & Equipment – Office Decommissioning

It is rare to find an organization that has not accumulated obsolete furniture and equipment, with most of it being stored in a basement or in valuable office areas. Throwing away these bulky and heavy items is costly and environmentally undesirable.

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All Other Recycling

We really mean it when we say we recycle just about anything. Accepted items include laptops, peripherals, typewriters, telephones, microwaves, cellphones, cameras, calculators, dehumidifiers, computers, small appliances, fax machines, keyboards, printers, air conditioners, and more.

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Thank you for working with the City this weekend. I appreciate the herculean effort by your staff to help us move the volume. It was short notice, and you made it happen. Great job and again thank you.

William Smith Sanitation Operations Administrative Asstistant, City of Philadelphia

I was very impressed with the E-force crew. They were super-efficient and exceptionally courteous to the residents.

Robert A. Ford Township Manager, Towamencin Township

Your guys came out and were super helpful and pleasant. We had a ton of lights and they were patient and explained everything they were doing! I couldn’t be more satisfied. I will be sure to spread the word around the township and our other locations about the services offered.

Lee Palmer-Burks . Executive Assistant to Director of Public Works, Upper Merion Township

I just wanted to let you know the guys this afternoon were amazing. This was definitely the most e-waste we have ever recycled at this event. I know it was not easy for them, but they did it with a smile and were very friendly to the people. As always, thanks for helping us with this event.

Danielle Cavalcanto Design Coordinator, University of Pennsylvania

I have to tell you, you did one hell of a job for the three townships. They all greatly appreciate your efforts. You know I do! The event would not have succeeded without your help in planning and picking the site. Thank you again for all your help.

Joe Ramano Zoning Officer, Marple Township

Thank you so much for spending time with us on a tour of your facility during our recent trip with the Willistown Recycling Commission. Your organization is impressive, and we learned a lot about electronic recycling. We look forward to partnering with you to make our township greener.

Susan Vogel Chair, Environmental Sustainability Commission, Willistown Township

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