Who we are...

eForce Recycling is the most unique recycling company on the planet. At least our clients think so because we provide recycling solutions for just about everything commercial organizations generate including batteries, lighting, electronics, office equipment, furniture, construction and demolition materials and more. We'll even pick up the kitchen sink (we really will!). We understand that each organization has different recycling needs and we provide tailored recycling programs according to those needs while meeting and exceeding environmental compliance regulations. We innovate!

Outrageous Service

We have a passion for recycling. A byproduct of our passion is consistent, outrageous service to our clients. We don't have investors to report to: our only responsibility is to our clients and our environment. This makes our job easy. And it shows.

We're Creative Overachievers

We overachieve at every possible opportunity. We create solutions. We solve problems. No request is too large (or too small) for us. We always find a way to provide the perfect solution.


Award-Winning Sales Staff

Our lead Sales Manager, Jim Mack, a decorated veteran, is available to answer your recycling questions.
To set up a recycling event for your community or business, call Jim (215-964-6670) to learn more about our services.